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Be part of a fun, dynamic and unique International organisation for people aged 18-30, offering a wide range of activities that will enable you to try something new, whilst having a great time and meeting others.

Social Cohesion offer a wide choice of social activities, actively supports your local community, raise money for charity and give you the opportunity to develop your personal skills and gain new experience in the UK and abroad.

We specialise in researching social behavior patterns. Our research brings forward the problems created by different social groups. Social networking is a major part of the community and allows complex models to be tested.

Using the extensive research we provide you the best services on social networking

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<13'> Make new friends and enjoy the best social life possible!
Try the Ladies Night Out Club for free! Making new friends in London and surrounding areas is easy with Ladies Night Out Club. So whether you are a London local or new to London city you can make new friends and have an active social life and meet new female friends with the club.
We run a variety of social events for women just like you who want to extend their social network in the London city and nearby areas. Our events include dinner and drinks, cinema nights, book club, walking and more.

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Get Socail Through Fitness

Get fit, have fun, lose weight, meet like-minded people and learn a beautiful dance with our 8 week progressive course for absolute beginners, starting on Wednesday 4 September.
Argentine tango is an improvised, close embrace dance based on 5 fundamental moves. We teach this with an emphasis on connection, musicality and technique.
Classes take place in our dedicated dance studio in the south wing of Bramshaw Village Hall, SO43 7JU
Weekly on Wednesdays 8.00-9.30pm. If you cannot make weekly classes we also run one day introductory courses throughout the year, called Tango Toolkits

Socialise More at Your Private Party

Private parties and events are a speciality of River Thames Charters, whether it is a small family gathering to perhaps celebrate a special occasion, or a more formal corporate function to impress important clients.
Although charter packages are offered, your charter is unique and is tailored to your specific requirements... the route, the duration, the catering... is all your choice. All charter rates include skipper, crew, hire of the vessel and fuel.

Social Cohesion news and latest events

come and join in the fun. See our charity run for Summer 2014.

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Socialise Through Tango

In addition to the 2016 line-up of workshops, Steve and Debbie are delighted to annouce a special weekend in the company of the fabuous dancing and teaching combo of Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi (pictured above) on July 19/20 2016.